Hello! I'm a girl, and a fish, a fish girl you could say. I'm a big enthusiast of old nastolgic technology, floofy dresses, and general geeky things. I'm not great at writting long bios so I'll just leave the rest of this up to a faq section.

What do I call you? I go by a few names. Fishe, Penelope, Princess, Fishes, Fishy, Fish, Wishes, and Fishma.

How do I pronounce "Fishe"? I- I don't know. Like Feesh I guess. Or just Fishy. ?

What kind of fish are you? Atlantic Croaker.

Pronouns? She/Her or They/Them, but I prefer the former.

Are you in a relationship? Yes I am! I have a girlfriend and I love her lots. Its very much not poly or open. But if you see me in vrchat don't be afraid to give hugs or headpats.

Favorite music? I'm really into vaporwave and own quite a bit on vinyl. However I also really enjoy smooth jazz, jungle, drum and bass, 90s big beat, and whatever the soundtrack for the source mod Neotokyo is doing.

Favorite video games? The Mother/EarthBound series is my most cherished franchise ever. Marathon: Durandal is my all time favorite game. I'm also really into any of The Elder Scrolls titles, Splatoon, whatever FromSoft is doing right now, Hypnospace Outlaw, Alan Wake, and the Half-Life series.

Favorite food? Eyeround steak and meatballs pho. I just like any pho really, but thats my favorite.

Favorite anime? I'm not much of an anime person beleive it or not. But I really really enjoy the early episodes of Cardcaptor Sakura a whole lot, I even own some figures and merch from the show. Aside from that I have enjoyed Dirty Pair, Nichijou, and Dragon Ball Z. But I haven't seen much anime outside of those shows.

Favorite color? Yellow.

Do you have any collections? Yes I do, I love collecting things! I own a lot of vaporwave vinyl, 90s anime on vhs (haven't watched a lot of it yet), old macintosh games, lots of retro games, Cubivore figures, and tamagotchis.

Why did you make a neocities page? I'm honestly sick and tired of the modern internet. Why do you think I volunteer my time as a forum moderator on one of the last remaining active web forums? (shout out knockout.chat) The entire internet being basically just twitter, tiktok, youtube, and reddit really sucks a whole lot. Yes there are smaller communities scattered around, but it isn't what it was. And while discord is nice for keeping up to date on mod projects or on events, its a terrible replacement for forums and sites. The culture of the old internet wasn't great, but its format was incredible. I can't make friends on twitter. Having my own personal little space is just nice. Its refreshing. I miss visitng smaller personal sites and reading up on people's projects and art. The modern format of the internet and social media is so impersonal and cynical. This is much nicer.