Digital Fashion

      Fashion is very important to me, but being a trans woman means its hard to wear something nice and look in the mirror and feel as good on the inside as I know I look on the outside. However in places like vrchat that doesn't matter. I can be a petite fish girl and wear whatever I want and nobody cares! I can go to a digital pub or attend virtual raves dressed as a princess, or maid, or even wear a bunnysuit and its totally normal. Its wonderful being able to express myself in this way.
       Avatar dressup is fun and easy, and I've been doing texture modding for games for over 17 years. My virtual outfits are not only a way to express my gender, but a fun place to practice my texture editing skills. I do everything by hand in photoshop, even the normal maps. Thats how I've always done it and I work incredibly fast. Most every outfit here from when I opened blender to when I hit upload in vrchat's SDK was done in one single night.
       My avatar's face model is a Kissma, and my base model is a Karin. Almost none of the outfits were modeled by me, and were purchased off booth. However I edited most of the models, either reducing the polycountm, or mixing and matching parts. Some things get reused accross multiple outfits, see if you can spot similar bits!

Okay But Why The Pooltoy Tail?

      A lot of reasons! A got a ton of comments from people saying I needed a tail, and I thought it would be a cute idea but I didn't want to commit to it. What if I got a great outfit that wouldn't work with a tail? So I decided to go with a fake one, and the pooltoy thing is not only super cute aestheticly, but fits with the aquatic theme! That and I also just have a thing for pooltoys. No not really like *THAT*, they are just real cute.
       I modeled the tail and ears for the inflatable bunnysuit (which is showcased below) but trying to make this tail was just too much for me to handle. I shared the bunnysuit on twitter, and my now friend VVolfly noticed it and made a pooltoy wolf tail for her avatar. So I slid into her DMs and asked what she thought about fish. I paid her a commission and she gave me the rigged tail model sans textures (save for a baked normal map). The texture and physics work was all done by myself. It has a super satisfying bounce in vr and great collision, so you can bap it around if you are so inclined.
      Its since become my signature thing, and I try my best to incrporate it into every outfit.

Regular Everyday Outfit

      This is my primary outfit I'll be most seen in. It consists of a satin jacket with a great zapfish motif, squid reggae tee, latex leggings, red Zink hi-horses, and my signature inflatable tail.
      I am very much a frills and petticoats person, but I really wanted to have a generic outfit for just hanging out in public instances. Something about wearing what is fairly normal street clothes is chill and nice. The buttons on the jacket are the Marathon logo, a pin for the fictional all-fish band High Tide Era who inspired my overall avatar's look, and the Shelter logo which is a VR club I vonlunteer staff for. (Shout out 2TD, go check him out on spotify or wherever, hes my bud, he runs Shelter, and he makes great music.)
      The leggings used to not be latex and were instead some sort of matte fabric. But after making a latex outfit (shown further down) I fell in love with the shiny texture I put together for it and just had to put it on my main look.
       This version showcased here has been updated from the version in the header image up there, improved stylized latex matcaps, better tail textures, and modified scale hair iridescence. (Its not really hair, more like flesh tendrils. Dont think about it.)


      While the satin jacket outfit is my primary outfit, this maid uniform is the one I wear the most these days. The dress model was created by AlbertAtreides, and their work with ruffles and dress physics is unparalleled, nothing clips and moves almost exactly as you'd expect it to.
       Honestly I'm just a really big fan of maid outfits, but I'm also impossibly picky about them. So for one to wind up as effectivly my primary avatar is high praise. Also it has a slot for my tail, total coincidence!

Fish Ballgown

      This was modeled by the same person who made the above outfit, so all the comments on great physics and mesh work apply. I did a few mesh edits from the original model to make it more to my taste, as well as replacing the floral trim with various fish patterns and such.
       Sometimes I just need to be really ~extra~ and ~fancy~ so that is where this outfit comes into play. Not that there's many fancy dress parties in vrchat :C.

Inflatable Latex Bunnysuit

      I'm not one to be overtly kinky anymore these days, but a little of that can't hurt. The oversized inflatable tail and inflatable ears were modeled from scratch by me, the first time I've scratch modeled something! In motion they have really fun bouncy physics that took me ages to set up just right.
      This is one of my favorite outfits but I don't wear it often given how the whole latex with inflatable parts very much is a kink thing for me, and I don't like to put that in people's faces. But with how shiny it is and how great I got the physics down, I can't help but wear it from time to time and bounce around. I've been told the tail makes for a great speedbag to punch around.

y2k Raver

      My favorite club in vrchat is Dieselworks, a venue that primarily plays 90s and 2000s jungle, drum and bass, and other assorted genres that were popular accross the pond in the UK in that era. (Shout out to my friends Melonslices and Chevette who run the club!)
       I wanted an outfit that screamed New Mellenium with its rainbow iridescent pvc panels, stripes, and leggings. The big leg warmer parts go a long way for that look too. If you see this and Space Channel 5 comes to mind, that was intentional. The physics on the tutu like skirt are incredible and make jumping around a joy!

Fishy Idol

      I'm a huge splatoon fan, and my sona is meant to be a splatoon oc. Though this isn't my canonical outfit, its a super cute idea I had! The texture and material work to get the shiny iridescent pattern on the leotard was a huge pain, but oh so worth it. I'm super proud of how this one turned out and its one of my all time favorite outfits I've put together!
       This outfit uses a lot of ported assets from Splatoon. The shoes had to be reweighted and went through a lot of texture editing. The sushi (?) headpeice was simply plopped on top and recolored. The back lacing was ported from Callie's splatoon 3 model and needed LOTS of work to get rigged and proportioned properly.

Princess Peach Cosplay

      Princess Peach is my favorite fictional character and who I aspire to be, so it only makes sense I have an outfit based on her. While there are some aspects of this dress I wish were better, mainly the collar, I think I did a good job with what I had to work with. The hair turned out far better than I thought it would given how I just ripped it from Mario Odyssey and haphazardly glued it to my base model. My ears/fins had to be angled slightly differently to accomodate the hair. I'm not 100% happy with how this one turned out, however. But it was a lot of work nonetheless.


      With the Shadow Wizard Money Gang meme popping off, wizards are so in right now. I'm a massive fan of The Elder Scrolls games, even Battlespire, and really wanted a TES themed outfit. I had been eying this wonderfully extra floofy dress w/ matching giant hat for quite a while and decided to just go for it. It was a real challenege to figure out what look I wanted for the outfit, but I think what I got works really well. The Daedric runes and occult writtings on the dress have a strange purply bluish matcap applied that looks really strange (in a good way) in motion. Also I moved my fish hook earring from my ear (fin?) to the tip of the hat, physics intact.

Ita Coord

      I have a big passion for lolita fashion and I really wanted to represent that in vrchat. Though I did take some liberties with the style here. I'm quite fond of the jellyfish hat!

80s Workout

      I'm not really certain why I put this one together. I prefer to get my cardio done outside in the sun away from a vr headset. Would much rather sweat without a heavy hot plastic brick on my face. But there are workout worlds and events and maybe it will be good to have for those.

Original Outfit

      This is my original outfit I wore back in 2022 before I overhauled my avatar. While its very outdated, its very iconic to the time when I was first making my way in the vr club scene. I don't wear it anymore, but I am incredibly fond of it. Shout out to Ayymang for the custom modeled jacket!


      Okay so this isn't an outfit, but this was my old avatar I inhabited everywhere for a while. It has a strange history. So obviously its a riff off of JoelG's ENA. I discovered that series very early on and was part of its first wave of popularity. I used an ENA avatar in vrchat for a minute, but I really wanted something of my own. So I got with one of my artist friends, Mr.Batter, and we came up with a design that felt like me, but still recognizably ENA. Then I commissioned the original ENA avatar maker to put this version together for me.
       I posted the design in Joel's old discord, and people somehow at this point never considered making a sona or fan character, and an explosion of fan characters/sonas happened as a result. Most fan characters I can trace back to Leela, my own oc. Leela went on to inspire the oc Celeste, which went on to inspire the hugely popular oc Synapse by artist and friend HotLegs, whch in turn has inspired their own wave of fan characters. Its a really weird mark I left on the internet completely by accident.