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Hi! Welcome to my little site!

      Here you'll find my little corner of the internet. I'm kinda struggling for ideas of what to do with the site. For now, however, here is a run down or each section:

-HOME: You are here!

-ABOUT: Learn about your new favorite fish in an faq.

-DIGITAL FASHION: A section dedicated to my many vrchat avatar outfits and little blurbs about them.

-PORTFOLIO: Soon to be the home of my graphic design work. Currently the page has no content. I need to figure out how to structure that to display my work in a way I find decently presentable. I'm a graphic designer, not a web developer, html and css is difficult for me. Please be patient!

-?: Big dumb inflatable tail was blocking a button, so thats there.

-MUSINGS: Random ramblings on random topics. Think of this as you are stuck in an elevator with me and I just start talking and its real awkward and you are trapped by polite convention and are unable to tell me to shut up. Currently just two things there, but I'm in the middle of writting more! Check back soonish!

       Also the site looks horrid on mobile devices. I don't know how to fix that but I don't think neocities is a platform for mobile browsing. It don't matter.

Links and such:


      Here is my 88x31 if you want it.

       And here are some links to friends and/or sites I think are neat/cute/cool. (no button, no link) No I won't order them. Figure out which is which on your own. I beleive in you.


Figured I may as well get a changelog going now that the site is at a state where I really like how it looks. The Last Updated bit is automated. If the date doesn't match the most recent changelog that just means I fixed some typos or something and its not interesting enough to jot down.

Last Updated:

What changed:
-Adjusted some CSS to make images sharper. Don't know why I had some of the values set the way I did.
-Fancier sidebar buttons!

-Rewrote some of the homepage.
-New article trying my hardest to describe the vrchat rave scene.
-A couple new links to some other neat sites. Will add even more soon.
-Set your window to fullscreen at 1920x1080 or larger for something cute.

-Redid the entire fashion page! New pics! New outfits! Old outfits! Copious pooltoy tails! A digital cyberdemon! Yay!

-Had to remove the guestbook due to somebody spamming it with slurs and shock images. Honestly I'm impressed it lasted 2 whole months without that.

-Added an article on the Destiny franchise.

-New section for little articles and stuff.
-Added an article about Cardcaptor Sakura and my memories struggling with gender identity.

-Dumb stupid big inflatable tail is blocking a button and I refuse to fix it.
-New cute stripy background!

-Completely redid the color scheme of the site to be more cohesive.
-Changed colors of the faq section for readability.
-Big thanks to my best friend Vlad who figured out how to fix an issue with the links. Thanks!

(Credit to Mr.Batter aka ThatLittleLarry for the secret art on the left side.)